Part 3 of @prhbtn making Lexington even cooler: @hownosm killing it on Short street. #streetart #prhbtn #sharethelex
Y’all, it’s national coffee day! Make a great cup of coffee. (Or make your barista make you a great cup of coffee. Then tip them extra.)
Curious #foxysunday
Mural number 2, off North Limestone. @prhbtn #roa #streetart #sharethelex
Watching @andrewhem do his thing on Short Street. @prhbtn is killing it this year. #streetart #sharethelex #prhbtn
One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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First week of tests coming up, and this #foxysunday knows how I feel.
And a contemplative #foxysunday it was.

Scatter Plot of Queen Anne’s Lace Bloom Height

taken at castle hill graffiti park here in ATX. 8/25/13.
Step 1: Find and filter the shit out of a picture of us. Step 2: Give it a tribal boarder. Step 3: Insert super hipster indie lyric you’ve probably never heard of (tbd). 
This is Emily and it is her birthday and I love her v much.
On a day like this, dead things can be pretty too.